E150 - Caramel

Additive: E150 - Caramel

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caramel

Risk of overexposure

EFSA evaluation: Refined exposure assessment for caramel colours -E 150a, c, d- (2012-12-03)

Names: Caramel, AP 680, BC 42, Burnt sugar, Burnt sugar coloring, CI Natural Brown 10, Natural Brown 10, Caramel color dye, Caramel flavor, Caramel liquid, DS 400, P 255, RT 80, Sethness 858, Duranat Caramel WSP, AP 680, BC 420, Caramel pigments, Caramelized sugar, FS pigment, SW 250, Caramelization, Amano SS, BC 420, BCF 3, Caramel Color 201, Caramel FS, Caramel SF, Caramel LF 141, Caramel SF31, FS, FS (pigment), FS 350S, KS-W, Semba S-W, YT 25, Z 80

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